FREE!! My new book called “How to beat Dental Phobia”

A week or so ago I published my new book called “How to beat Dental Phobia” I wanted to offer it for free but in my rush I didn’t tick the right box and it went out on sale instead of for free. I have now resolved this small error and its back on Amazon for free until December the 4th!Dental fear cover2

I wanted to offer it to anyone that has a “Phobia of the Dentist” or knows anyone that has. This book is ground-breaking in its ability to lower and even get rid of, completely any fears that anyone may have about going to the dentist.

But that’s not all……..

Something else that I offer in all of my self-help books is my help and support. If you download my book and feel you need help with anything I will work with you for free, helping you deal with your fears and phobias, and showing you what you need to know to effectively get rid of your fears and for good. I feel this is something quite different when it comes to what is usually offered with most self-help books, after all self-help doesn’t have to mean “sort it out yourself”

The technique found in my book is great for all age groups, from the young the old and anyone in between, because it’s totally non-invasive and can be done simply by using the fingertips to gently tap on certain points around the head and upper body. It’s a great technique for children because it put them in control and they can do this technique very easily.

Feel free to send this link to anyone who you know that suffers this type of fear.

I am already working on my next book about “fear of flying” and I plan on giving this away free as soon as it’s finished which should be in about three weeks, so keep checking back. Here is the link and if you do decide to have a look or tell someone about my book I thank you :O)

Get my book


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